Dear Members,


We are working with many of your Program Supply (Art, Office, Athletics, Medical) vendors to have invoices emailed directly to you, instead of being sent via US Mail.  This will help you to check-in orders and send invoices to H&H Purchasing to be price verified. To make this process easier, H&H Purchasing has setup a unique email distribution group for your facility.


If you are receiving this email, you are currently in the email distribution group. The benefit of the email distribution group is that you will be able to add/delete anyone from the group without having to notify each of the vendors with updates – you’ll only need to notify H&H Purchasing!



Will this be set up for all vendors?

For Summer 2022, we will be rolling this out to Program Supply Vendors (Art, Athletic, Medical, Office, etc.).


Will I still get these invoices via mail?

For now, some of the vendors may continue to send invoices in the mail and in some cases to both the billing and shipping addresses. To minimize any confusion, when possible, we are working with the vendors to move to electronic invoices only.


What do I do if I need to change, add or delete someone from the “group” email?

Email and we can make any adjustments that you would like.

NOTE:  Please do not unsubscribe from the email distribution group as you will no longer receive invoices. H&H Purchasing will make all updates to this email distribution group.