We are excited to let you know about a recent update on COVID-19 Testing.  We have been advised by our representative at Abbott Laboratories, a leader in COVID-19 Testing, that they currently have a “healthy inventory” of Binax NOW (rapid antigen) and ID NOW (molecular) tests available.  This is a positive change, as until this week Abbott was not accepting any orders due to inventory issues. This is subject to change at any time.

Orders will go directly through Abbott, not H&H Purchasing.  Both options are less expensive than other current testing options available through our medical supply partners. To assist our members, we have provided information below on the testing and ordering options from Abbott. 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact H&H Purchasing or the Abbott rep, listed below.

How do I contact an Abbott sales representative to discuss ordering tests?


Send an email to our Abbott point of contacts (please include all 3 contacts in your email)
Kerri Zwiebel at kerri.zwiebel@abbott.com 

Gregory Wirth at gregory.wirth@abbott.com 

Brandon Caballero at brandon.caballero@abbott.com


In the email, please provide the following details:

  • Camp name
  • Your name, email address and phone number
  • State that camp is physically located in
  • Which product(s) are you interested in? Binax NOW, ID NOW, Both, or Not Sure
  • Do you have a current CLIA Certificate? 
  • Do you have an existing account with Abbott from 2021? 

If you do not hear back from Abbott within 3 business days, contact H&H Purchasing at support@hhpurchasing.com.

Rapid Antigen Testing:

Abbott Binax NOW Rapid Tests
 Abbott is offering, for a limited time, Binax NOW for purchase, based on availability. There is no contract to sign.  We recommend you purchase tests now. Future orders will be based on availability.                

Binax NOW Test Options:


Binax Now Pro Covid-19 Antigen Test 
The Binax NOW Pro includes 40 tests, total cost per kit is $200 ($5 per test). 

This test has the symptomatic claim, requires a CLIA certificate, and is to be performed by a medical professional.  


Binax NOW OTC (Over The Counter) Self-Test
Each box contains two tests, this test kit is $16 per kit ($8 per test). Abbott packages each $16 kit into a case of 6, the total cost per case is $96.


This test has the asymptomatic, serial testing claim. This means that if the person being tested is asymptomatic, Abbott recommends testing twice within 48 hours.  This option does not require a medical professional.

Common Questions / How To Order


Which tests should we purchase?

You should consult with your medical director / camp doctor to decide for certain. Camps that have a CLIA Waiver should consider the Binax NOW Pro option. The cost per test is lower, includes 40 tests and is sold in bulk. 


Camps without a CLIA Waiver can purchase the OTC test and should consider applying for a CLIA Waiver.


What is the expiration date on these tests?

Testing being shipped at this time have an expiration date in 2023.  These will last through the summer and beyond.


How do you apply for a CLIA Waiver?

Click the link below for information on applying for a CLIA Waiver




Are there other testing options from Abbott?

If you are looking for Molecular Testing, Abbott also has the ID Now test available for purchase.  In addition to testing for COVID, ID Now can be used to test for Influenza A & B, Strep A and RSV, using different testing swabs. 


The costs for ID Now can be provided by the Abbott sales representative.