As you prepare for the summer, we want to advise you of the current status of Kosher Meat & Poultry. The ongoing issues including Covid, increased demand, and workforce issues coupled with an outbreak of avian flu and Passover (scheduled factory shutdowns) have continued to wreak havoc on the Kosher supply chain. Additionally, major vendors have pushed much of their production to retail instead of foodservice as retail is more profitable.  Retail stores including Costco, Trader Joe’s, etc. have put product on allocation limiting customers to the amount that they can buy at one time. We have heard from many people about Kosher caterers/foodservices being forced to go to the local grocery stores to find kosher meat and chicken.

What is H&H Purchasing doing to help?

We continue to communicate with not only the distributors, but the manufacturers as well. We are reaching out to new vendors and manufacturers in an attempt to obtain more options, including Kosher contacts both across the US and in Canada.

Are there any products available?
YES! Some poultry items including chicken patties/nuggets (typically imported from Israel), turkey, and beef are currently available, although that could change at any point. Bone-in chicken (which requires less labor to produce) is more available than boneless chicken, dark meat more than white meat. 

What is the price on items that are available?
Beef pricing is 10-20% higher and poultry is up to 60% higher than what we have seen in the past. Based on what we are being told by both distributors and manufacturers, we do not foresee these items decreasing by summer. However, once we get through the increased demand that is typical during Passover, we are hopeful that both supply and pricing will stabilize.

Kosher Supply Chain Issues - In The News

How can you prepare for the summer?


Order Early – While summer is still a few months away, we suggest turning on your freezers now and be ready to start to accepting orders when product is available. As a reminder, should you choose to do this, your onsite staff will need to check the freezer several times daily to ensure it is maintaining proper temperature.

Storage – storage, storage, storage! If you don’t have extra freezer space, consider renting for the summer to increase your storage capacity.

Be Flexible – if things are not available, consider other options.


  • Sub Turkey for Chicken Breasts – this can be used in stir fry, pulled sandwiches, shawarma, soups, salads, etc.
  • 8 Cut Chicken – consider using bone-in chicken instead of boneless/skinless.  There has been more availability than the boneless.
  • Precooked/Breaded Items – consider using nuggets/patties which historically have been more expensive but could be an alternative that is less expensive right now.  They can be cut up and used in many dishes you would have typically used boneless breasts. 
  • Plant Based Alternatives – Meatless options are not inexpensive, but with today’s kosher meat prices, this could be a less expensive alternative. Make it a theme…” Meatless Monday” so that your camp community can see some additional value.  Change up your traditional tacos - by using a plant based meat alternative, you can add shredded cheese, sour cream, etc

Additional Meal Ideas: 

    • Turkey Shawarma
    • Turkey Stir Fry
    • Hot Dog Theme Day – “Coney Island” Day, Chicago Style Hot Dogs, – hot dogs are same price per lb.
    • Veggie Burger Bar – bring on the fixin’s!
    • Taco Tuesday – beef, turkey, vegetarian, fish – with a more filling side
    • Meatball Subs
    • Fish & Chips
    • Turkey Pot Pie
    • Deconstructed Egg Rolls or Lettuce Wraps (using beef or ground turkey, quinoa or rice bowls)
    • “Chipotle” bowls with soy meat and dairy
    • “Meatless” Parm
    • Chicken Caesar Wrap (using breaded chicken and Parve dressing)