URGENT - Supply Chain Update - Planning Ahead

We feel it is necessary to continue to update you on the current challenges regarding food deliveries.  Unfortunately, we do not believe the issues that are affecting the food industry will be resolved anytime soon.  Furthermore, we believe that the July 4th weekend, next weekend, is going to cause additional issues and has the potential to make things significantly worse.  Please make every effort to get ahead as we expect deliveries Monday July 5 through Wednesday July 7 to be extremely disrupted.


We will continue to update you on delivery statuses as we are made aware of them.  Unfortunately, in many cases, the trucks are literally parked at the warehouses to be loaded, but there are not enough staff in the warehouse to load them all.  These issues are not isolated to the distributors, as manufacturers have not been able to keep up the pace with their own deliveries. 

We thank you for listening to our advice in previous emails and strongly encourage you to not let up on the ordering:

  • Plan Ahead – expect that your delivery will not arrive on the day that you expect it.  Plan to be 3-4 days ahead.  We know this may be a challenge with limited storage space. 
  • Increase Your Pars – Don’t just bring in food for the specific meal; Order enough for a backup if you can hold the storage.
  • Backup Meals – Have backup meals ready to go. While it’s not ideal, have dry goods (pasta, sauce, etc) ready to go.  If you have freezer space, consider hamburgers/hot dogs, premade frozen pizza, lasagna rollups, etc.
  • Early Week Orders – Consider ordering the majority of what you need for delivery on Monday/Tuesday. When something goes wrong, ordering earlier in the week will give you more time to prepare a backup plan and provide more time for the vendors to recover.

While we do not like to make phone calls to about delayed deliveries, it is comforting to hear our members say that they will make it work and are prepared with a backup plan. 


Please continue to have patience with your kitchen staff and consider making adjustments to your meals to accommodate both the lack of product and extreme pressure that they are dealing with.


Thankfully for all of you, it is Summer Camp and if anyone can make this work, it is camp people!  We are here for you and will do whatever we can to assist you and your staff.



Best regards,


The H&H Purchasing Team