URGENT: H&H Purchasing Supply Follow Up / Update

Dear Members,


We are writing to follow-up on the current status with your food vendors.  As we explained in our last email, there continue to be many challenges that your vendors are dealing with day-to-day.  We are not here to sugar coat what is happening.  The issues you are experiencing will continue for the foreseeable future as your vendors are short staffed and have reduced inventory.


Unfortunately, as we expected, this has been a rough start to the week. 
Vendors nationwide are currently not able to ship hundreds of orders as they are short staffed in the warehouse and in transportation.  Beyond H&H members, we have received calls from a significant amount of other camps that had missed deliveries and in some cases, cancelled completely with no re-ship date.


We continue to work with our vendors to assist them in alleviating some of the bottlenecks.  Overwhelmingly, we know you are listening and following our guidance as the vendors have asked “Why are only the H&H Camps loading up and not our other camp clients?”.  They have also noticed orders being placed earlier in the day and they are appreciate of that for planning purposes.

What can you do?


  • Plan Ahead - Orders coming in on Monday should be for meals on Friday at the earliest with the exception of fresh produce, dairy, etc.

  • Delivery Delays - Expect your delivery to come, but not as scheduled. We are seeing a significant increase in vendors not shipping at all and reships that are up to 2 days delayed.

  • Menu Adjustments - Your menu should be a guide, but not set in stone. Have backup meals in house and be prepared to make changes on the fly. Explain to your whole staff the challenges so they are aware that things may be different than in the past.

  • Product Flexibility - Take what you can get. We understand a preference for a specific brand and/or product, but with the current issues, you will need to consider other options in the event a product isn’t available. We are working hard on your behalf to sub items when possible, while keeping in mind dietary restrictions.

  • Special Diets – Many of the special diet items are special order. With the current Supply Chain issues we suggest finding these products elsewhere i.e. local stores, Amazon, etc.

We wanted to let you know that we have heard from multiple vendors that the H&H Camps have been among the best deliveries.  The drivers are reporting back that our camps have been there to assist and it is greatly appreciated.  Please continue to help as this is speeding up the routes and getting the deliveries to the next camp.


Lastly, we want to thank you for your continued understanding and support.  We believe that while this is going to be a rough ride, our members are positioned much better as we are able to leverage our technology to plan and react to the ordering issues.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Best Regards,

H&H Purchasing