sent via email on June 13, 2021

URGENT:  H&H Purchasing Supply Update

Dear Members,


As you are aware, all vendors are battling major staffing shortages, including drivers and warehouse workers.  These shortages have created a ripple effect up and down the supply chain.  H&H Purchasing continues to work with the distributors and manufacturers to help our members navigate these unprecedented times. 


While the “camp” season is just starting, we are seeing major issues including the following:


  • Deliveries outside of normal times. We have seen deliveries after 9pm.
  • Limited product availability. Shortages vary day to day as manufacturers have limited staff to produce product and/or deliver it to the distributors.
  • Increase in mis-picks due to new warehouse workers that are learning the systems and the pressure on them to pick quickly and get the trucks out the door.
  • Overnight product shorts that the vendors are not able to fill as the inbound product deliveries are not showing up as expected.

H&H Purchasing is working with your vendors to help alleviate the aforementioned problems. 


The H&H Purchasing Supply Action Plan


  • Earlier Vendor Cut-off times (Effective Immediately) – The vendors have requested earlier cut-off times. Please review the updated cut-off times on the Vendor Information option on the H&H Portal or contact H&H Purchasing for more details.  For deliveries on a Monday, pay careful attention to the notes, as some vendors are fully closed on the weekend and orders must be placed on Friday.
    • How will this help: Earlier cut-off times allows the vendors to work with transportation to plan routes better as well as provide more time to deal with inventory issues. Many of the products being ordered are coming in the same day they are going out. In addition, some vendors are beginning the picking process earlier in the day, which is beneficial to you, as earlier picked orders mean more product to select from.

  • Order Early/Stay Ahead – Orders need to be submitted as early as possible. We suggest that orders be submitted 2 days prior.  If you have a delivery for Wednesday, the order should be submitted by Monday night.  Add-ons can be made during the day prior up until cut-off time.  Do not rely on a truck for a meal.  Ideally, you should always stay one week ahead.
    • How will this help: The majority of vendors allocate product based on when orders have been submitted. Late orders will have more shorts and issues as the inventory has been allocated to the earlier orders. This will give you time to prepare if something is not available or if a delivery does not arrive on time as planned.

  • Delivery Assistance & Appreciation – Assist the drivers when they are unloading the deliveries. Provide the drivers with a snack for the road and make them feel appreciated.
    • How will this help: We all need to help each other.  Decreasing the duration of a delivery will help the drivers get to their next stop earlier. 


Please do not hesitate to call upon us with whatever your needs may be.  Our office is open 7 days a week throughout the summer.


We look forward to continuing to serve you and your team.



Best regards,

The H&H Purchasing Team