Let The Ordering Begin!

It is April and less than 100 days until camp.  While the supply chain is still recovering and improving daily, we are recommending that our members start to order now. 


Why order now?

Currently, distributors have been limiting their inventory based on their current needs.  As June approaches and businesses continue to re-open, in addition to camps and other seasonal businesses, we expect there to be inventory issues at the distributors.  By ordering early, you are not only staying ahead of the order flow, but also providing the distributors with the information they need to order on their end. In addition, manufacturers are running tighter production schedules, producing many items on demand, and therefore maintaining lower inventory levels.


What should we order now?

We are suggesting that you start ordering your non-perishable items including Kitchen/Janitorial Supplies.  Ideally, you will want to bring in a good portion of your summer needs so that you can stay ahead in these areas.  We know that this can be challenging with storage and other logistics.  We suggest you bring in at least 60% of what you need for the summer.  This will allow you to reorder a few weeks into camp for the remainder of the summer.


Do you need to take delivery right away?

No!  We are suggesting putting in your orders now, but you can put in for delivery days any time in April or the beginning of May.  By doing this, it will help the vendors source the inventory that they need to fulfill orders.  Many of the vendors have lower than normal warehouse inventory levels and are pulling products from manufacturers on an as needed basis.


Are there any known shortages?

As of right now, there are no glaring issues.  There is a good chance that some items will be “backordered” on your initial order, but vendors are shipping them out as they come back in stock.  Currently, there are no known supply chain issues.


What about PPE?

We continue to update PPE pricing as vendors provide us with pricing updates.  While some items could continue to drop in price, many of them have bottomed out.  Gloves are still higher priced than prior to the pandemic, but we have seen drops in pricing in the past couple of weeks and an increase in availability.


What’s next?

We are suggesting the following delivery dates based on the assumption of a mid-June opening.  You can adjust accordingly based on your actual start date.  When possible, we suggest submitting orders 2 weeks or more prior to your delivery date, to minimize shorts.  You can always add on to these orders as the delivery date approaches.

Product TypeDelivery Dates
Kitchen/Janitorial SuppliesEnd of April/Beginning of May
PPEBeginning of May
FoodFirst orders 1-2 weeks before usage (fresh produce/dairy can be ordered as normal)


What about Program Supplies?

We will be sending out additional information about ordering Program Supplies in the coming days.