Important COVID-19 Test Update: Abbott BinaxNOW

Dear H&H Member,


We are excited to let you know about a major positive update on COVID-19 Testing. We have been advised that Abbott Laboratories, a leader in COVID-19 Testing, will be officially announcing a direct to camp program for both Rapid and Molecular Tests. They will be creating a dedicated link for camps to submit their information and become a direct customer of Abbott.

To prepare our members, we have provided information below on the ordering process. These orders will go direct through Abbott Laboratories, not H&H Purchasing.  Both options are significantly less expensive than any other current option. For camps looking for onsite Rapid Antigen Testing, it is our recommendation to pursue this test. The rapid tests, similar to a home pregnancy test, will be priced at $5/test and the Molecular tests will be priced at $41/test (one free analyzer with 900 tests).


To understand the differences in the types of tests, we suggest referring to the website below:


We will be emailing out the Abbott link to setup your account and place orders as soon as we receive it, which will likely be in the next few days.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


What do you need to register?

  • CLIA Certificate of Waiver (CLIA Number) – If you have not received it yet, you can fill this in at a later date.  
    • Click here for information on applying for a CLIA Waiver




As a direct customer of Abbott you will have access to purchase the BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Card Test for the detection of COVID-19 at a cost of $5/test. H&H Purchasing has worked with Abbott to setup a program specifically for camps that removes the 10,000-test volume commitment. There are no minimum purchase requirements.  Tests will need to be ordered in increments of 40 cards. Below are the steps to follow:


  1. H&H Purchasing will email you the direct link from Abbott as soon as it is released. We recommend completing the online form, which will trigger an Abbott Inside Sales Representative in your area to reach out to you within 1-2 business days to setup your account.

  2. The Abbott Inside Sales Rep will request that you complete a New Account Form, which will ask for your CLIA Number. If you have it, please fill it in on the New Account Form. If you don’t yet have one and the application is pending, you can add this later in the process, and Abbott will continue to setup your account.

  3. Abbott will send you a Purchase Agreement which will state that there is no minimum volume commitment. You will need to sign and return this Agreement directly to Abbott. Abbott will setup 30-day payment terms for your account.

  4. Orders are submitted via a Purchase Order template that Abbott will provide. Abbott has advised us that once a Purchase Order is received, orders are shipping within 2-3 business days. Currently, they have ample inventory on hand to ship.



Abbott is now making available to camps the Abbott ID NOW Molecular COVID-19 Testing System directly through Abbott. For an agreement of 900 tests annually, they will provide ONE analyzer instrument at no charge. Alternatively, for no minimum volume commitment, or to purchase additional analyzers, analyzers can be purchased at a cost of $4500 per each. Each test kit to be used with the Abbott ID NOW Analyzer currently costs $41 per test. While ID NOW is a molecular based test, similar to PCR testing, it is uses a different technology than PCR.  Please consult your medical team and local health department for guidance.



  • As of today, March 2, 2021, the FDA has approved Abbott to extend the expiration date on their tests to 9 months from the date of manufacturing. Some tests currently in inventory were manufactured in November 2020, although that supply is rapidly dwindling. Abbott is recommending you go through the account setup process as indicated above, but do not place orders for large quantities of tests until May.

  • Once setup with Abbott, they are recommending you order the smallest amount (40 BinaxNOW test kits) in order for your staff to practice with and get comfortable with reading test results.

  • In addition to the $5 tests, Abbott sells a Control Swab Kit that contains 9 test swabs for $60. These swabs contain a solution that mimics the results of a positive result and is useful for your staff to see what a positive card will show as. One Control Swab Kit of 9 tests should be adequate for your staff.

  • When considering onsite molecular testing, especially for opening day of camp, H&H Purchasing recommends looking at independent Labs or local clinics, which in many cases can offer PCR testing less expensive than doing it in house. In addition, factors such as the time it takes to perform each test in the analyzer, the complexity involved, etc. limits the ability to do large population testing in house vs using the services of a Lab. Outside Labs may be able to bill the cost of these tests to insurance.