Electrostatic Sprayers- Now In Stock, Limited Quantities Available

We are excited to announce that through one of our trusted vendors, we currently have access to Electrostatic Sprayers.  The sprayers are available for immediate shipping.  We have included some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below to help familiarize you with this technology.


The vendor has allocated a limited number of sprayers to H&H Purchasing.  Based on the current high demand worldwide and production delays, we are not expecting these to be available for long.

Please let us know your ordering preference by filling out the form in the link below.





If you are interested in ordering these for another business or community organization (ie: church, synagogue, community center, preschool, etc.), please let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

While electrostatic sprayers have been around for a few years, they have become a highly sought-after device to help combat the spread of COVID-19.  These sprayers have the ability to not only spray disinfectant, but while doing so, are able to atomize the solution.  This creates positively charged particles that can adhere to surfaces and objects.


 Why can’t I just use a basic sprayer from the hardware store?

There is a large difference on how the chemical will be applied with a basic sprayer vs electrostatic sprayer.  The basic sprayer will leave a thicker coating of chemical that will require longer drying time and, depending on the application, will require that it be wiped clean.  Electrostatic sprayers allow for the product to be sprayed and left without further contact.  This means that the basic sprayer have limited use areas, while the electrostatic sprayer can be used in large meeting spaces, bedrooms, cabins/bunks, offices (including desks), classrooms, workout areas and more.  Additionally, the electrostatic sprayer increases the application area and can be applied significantly faster.


 What disinfectant do I use in an electrostatic sprayer?

Any disinfectant that is listed on the EPA List-N can be used with the electrostatic sprayers.  For ease of use, we suggest using tablets to minimize issues with dilution, storage, etc.  Contact H&H Purchasing for more details


 Will electrostatic sprayers help with more than just COVID-19?

Yes!  Many of the summer camps that we work with have used these sprayers daily in their health centers, offices, waterfront (life jackets/equipment), and more.  Having a cleaning protocol that includes an electrostatic sprayer will help reduce the risks of other communal diseases and infections.

 H&H Recommendation for Summer Camps


Based on typical summer camp usage, we suggest purchasing at least one of each of the sprayers – backpack and handheld.  The larger backpack would be used throughout the day on the common areas as well as the larger sleeping areas.  The handheld sprayer would be used throughout the day in the Health Center (after each patient) and in the office throughout the day based on visitor schedules. Depending on the size of your camp facility, number of cabins, etc. it may be recommended to purchase more than one of each sprayer. Please contact H&H Purchasing to discuss your individual needs.

What are the suggested uses for the electrostatic sprayers?



Backpack Sprayer

Backpack Sprayer 


For use in larger areas and daily cleanings for common areas, dining rooms, large meeting spaces, workout areas, gymnasiums, cabins, bathrooms, outdoor seating, and more.  Can cover up to 23,000 square feet on a single tank.
Click here to learn more about the backpack sprayer




Handheld Sprayer

Handheld Sprayer 


For use for smaller areas that need cleaning throughout the day.  Recommended use areas include health centers/nurse’s office, offices, smaller rooms and more.  Can cover up to 2,800 square feet on a single tank.

Click here to learn more about the handheld sprayer.


For more information, you can refer to the website of the manufacturer, Victory Innovations, by clicking here or on their logo.


Victory Innovations

Informational Videos: 


Victory Innovations - Electrostatic Demo (2:00)  


Victory Innovations - Keep Kids Healthy: Bus Cleaning (3:00)


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