Update on COVID Testing


Testing will be paramount in your plan to successfully open camp for Summer 2021.  Since the start of the pandemic, we have been in constant communication with our medical supply partners regarding testing options.  We currently believe it is too early to order any tests now.  This is due to rapidly changing technology, new manufacturers gaining FDA approval, test shelf life, and many other factors.  The good news is the availability of Rapid Antigen testing has improved significantly.  In fact, we have several year-round clients who have already received analyzers and test kits through H&H Purchasing medical suppliers.


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What Can You Do Now To Plan?


If you plan on processing tests onsite, we highly recommend you begin the process of obtaining a CLIA Certificate of Waiver for your medical center. CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) is a law that requires any facility performing examinations of human specimens for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment purposes to be certified by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. There are multiple CLIA complexity categorizations- waived, moderate, and high complexity. Each COVID testing solution is assigned a CLIA categorization and there are many options available in the “Waived” category.  Do not be confused- even a CLIA Waived categorization requires a CLIA Certificate of Waiver for your medical center.


Information regarding this process can be found below.  Camps that have applied, tell us that it is a straightforward process, but it can take several months.  We recommend starting this now to be prepared.  


For your convenience, we have included a link below to information on how to obtain a CLIA Waiver.  (Page 3 addresses how to apply).  Please note that there may be state-specific requirements.


We will continue to monitor the testing options and advise you of all options as they become available.  In the coming months, as new information/technology becomes available and summer gets closer, we will continue to communicate updates.

Are You Looking For Tents For Summer 2021?


In response to the large interest in using tents this summer, we have contacted multiple vendors for direct pricing.  In doing so, we can make the following recommendations:


If you are looking for tents that are 20x20 to 20x30, we have pricing on a budget friendly tent from Economy Tent, a cost-friendly division of Anchor Inc.  The tents are available in both Pole Tents and Frame Tents.

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Pole Tent

$  1,342.00

$  1,882.00

Frame Tent

$  1,995.00

$  2,650.00

*Does not include sides or gutters, but pricing is available upon request.  Shipping & Tax are additional.


For more information, visit


If you are looking for tents that are larger than 20x30, we can get you a custom quote for the Anchor Premium brand, which is a higher quality tent.  The pricing would be dealer pricing direct from the manufacturer.  Due to the complexity of the larger tents, we would connect you directly with an Anchor representative.


NOTE:  Based on our research, we have been advised that some locations require permits for tents, depending on their size and use.  We suggest contacting your local authorities to determine if a permit is necessary.


Rent vs Buy


Our recommendation is  buying is a good option to consider for the smaller tent sizes (20x20 & 20x30).  Tents of this size are not hard to assemble, and with proper care, you will be able to use them for multiple seasons.


For larger tents, the opportunity to buy could be worthwhile for long term use, but it is important to know that the larger tents are not as easy to assemble and overall care could be an issue.  Larger tents generally require additional equipment for assembly including tent jacks. 


No matter what size tent you choose, you will need to factor in proper assembly as well as cleaning and storage.  Also, as noted, permits may be required and will vary by location, tent size, usage, etc.




A copy of this email is available as a PDF below.